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Default NJC Results

We were at National Junior College and here are some of the statistics!

> 60% of students scored a distinction or B in General Paper, with an outstanding pass rate of 98.2%.

> 90% of students scored a distinction or B in H2 Mathematics and H2 Literature in English.
About 75% of students scored a distinction in H2 Mathematics
> 60% scored a distinction in H2 Literature in English.

100% of students scored a distinction or B in H2 Music and H2 Knowledge and Inquiry.

80% scored a distinction or B in the following subjects:

H2: Art, Biology, Chemistry, Chinese Language and Literature, Economics, French, Geography, History, Physics, Tamil Language and Literature

H1: Chemistry, Economics, Geography, History, Literature in English, Mathematics, Bengali, Malay, Panjabi, Tamil

The following subjects obtained 100% passes:

H2: Art, Biology, China Studies in Chinese, Economics, French, Geography, German, History, Knowledge & Inquiry, Literature in English, Music
H1: Bengali, Biology, Economics, General Studies in Chinese, Geography, Hindi, History, Literature in English, Malay, Mathematics, Panjabi, Physics, Tamil

> 40% of students who offered a H3 subject scored a H3 Distinction.

Overall, close to 50% of students scored 3 or 4 H2 Distinctions

This year sets a new record for the number of students who scored 8 Distinctions - 11.
7 Distinctions - 41
6 Distinctions - 94

Institute of Physics, Singapore (IPS) Gold Medal for Excellence in Physics - Foong Yi Qian

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