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Default Free Group Trial Lessons for Introduction/Revision- Secondary and JC Level

Zhima Education Group has recently shifted to a bigger location in the prime and convenient location of Bukit Timah Shopping Centre (2 minutes walk from Beauty World MRT)

Set up in 2008, we cover academics from Secondary Level to Junior College Level.

In addition, as part of our value-added service, we provide free consultation to our students, in aspects such as resume writing, smart exam studying strategy and relaxation skills when the going gets tough.

We are a one-stop platform for all of your child's education needs. Not to fret, our tutors are all highly capable to impart not only content knowledge but also effective memory techniques to aid in one's academic endeavour.

While we do not have HODs and current teachers in out academic consultant group, rest assure that our tutors are no less than them in terms of passion and results, while our price packages are much more economically friendly than our competitors.

For this December Holiday, we are going to provide one free trial lesson per subject with zero obligations (You may sign up for all).

Our Vice-Principal and Chief Secondary and Junior College Curriculum Planner, Mr Chan, will be personally coaching the following trial lessons

1) Secondary Maths, Science, Geography, Social Studies, History

2) JC H1/2/3 Chemistry and Biology.

In addition, he will share studying tips which resulted in him being offered a range of scholarships such as NUS Scholarship and MOE Scholarship.

Rest assured that our syllabus coverage is up to date with MOE's.

So what are you waiting for? Simply email our consultant team at [email protected] or send a private message to express your interest.

As always, we cater to your kid's personal needs so do inform us which chapter your child requires and we will prepare the necessary information.

Do provide the following information for us to register your child

1) Full Name of Child

2) Education Level, eg Sec 4

3) Parent's or Child's Contact Number (This is so a whatsapp group can be created to facilitate information of free tuition classes and studying workshops)

4) Subjects he/she is interested in

5) Child's preferred topic for introduction course or Revision, Eg. Ionic Equilibrum for JC 2 Chemistry as Revision. Do note due to time constraints and demand, Mr Chan will not be able to cover the whole chapter but only essential parts and common questions.

5) Does he/she wish to come for a complimentary one on one session with our Vice-Principal to go through exam strategies for a particular subject (around 15mins)

6) Preferred Date and Timing (Saturday Morning/Afternoon- 9th, 16th, 23rd December). Weekdays timeslots can also be discussed.

As we believe in providing dedicated attention to every child, each free lesson would have no more than 8 students and a minimum of 3 students to begin. So bring your friends along for a frutiful discussion! Afterall, it is complimentary.

Should your child find the tuition effective, the rates of lessons are as follows.

We require a minimum of 2 students to start a class. Should he/she wants 1-on-1, the fees (2hrs per lesson)would differ accordingly.

Secondary 1 and 2- English, Chinese, Maths, General Science, Geography, History

2-4 students- 25/hr

5-6 students- 22.5/hr

7-8 students- 20/hr

Secondary 3 and 4- English, Chinese, Elementary Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Pure Biology/Chemistry/Physics, Geography, History, Social Studies

2-4 students- 30/hr

5-6 students- 27.5/hr

7-8 students- 25/hr

Junior College 1 and 2- H1/2/3 Chemistry and Biology

2-4 students- 35/hr

5-6 students- 32.5/hr

7-8 students- 30/hr

One-time Registration and Administrative Fees- $30

One-time Materials Fees- $30

Should you require other subjects not stated here, feel free to email my marketing team and we will arrange special slots for the respective subjects, eg. Language Arts.

For every recommendation per student, we will waive the fees for 2 lessons after your child’s friend has completed 2 month of academic lessons with us.

For every sign up before 31st December 2017 for the next academic year of 2018, we will waive the materials and registration fees.

To further alleviate the cost, discounts will be given for signing up for more than 1 subject.

Percentage Discount for all the subjects

2 subjects- 5%

3 subjects- 10%

4 or more subjects-15%

As previously mentioned, any sign up for the tuition class would come with 24/7 whatsapp contact with our highly passionate tutors and Studying Tips and Strategy Consultation with Mr Chan.

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

-Marketing Director
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