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Default H2 KI H2 Lit H2 /H3 Econs Home-Made Notes

H2 KI H2 Lit H2 /H3 Econs Home-Made Notes

I am a graduate from a top junior college looking to sell my notes for H2 Knowledge & Inquiry, H2 Economics, H2 Literature and H3 Economics. These notes have been painstakingly compiled over the span of 2 years and continually revised based on teachers' feedback after every internal examinations. I have relied on these notes and my results attest to their quality. I was consistently ranked amongst the top percentiles of my cohort in these subjects for internal examinations, and eventually I scored As and a Distinction in these subjects for my A Levels.

For H2 Knowledge and Inquiry, the notes I have cover the areas of 1) Theoretical Epistemology, 2) Science, 3) Social Science, 4) History, 5) Mathematics, 6) Ethics and 7) Art. They were written with the intention of facilitating revision for KI, with a keen focus on the nature and construction of knowledge. They are also well-supplemented with relevant, easily-understandable examples that help a lot in enriching your responses for Paper 1 and Paper 2 Section A. They are not ridden with irrelevant, lengthy and complex sentences from primary philosophical works that are frequently the frustration of KI students. My friends who have read through these notes have found it a valuable resource in preparing for As, especially given the subject’s relative youth and the rather vague demarcation of its syllabus. The notes total 88 pages. Each “knowledge area" goes for $20, and the whole package can be purchased for $100.

For H2 Literature, the books examinable in 2016/2017 I have notes for are for “Othello" by Shakespeare & "Death and The King’s Horseman" by Wole Soyinka. They are organised on a thematic and character basis, aligned with the assessment objectives for the Individual and Society Paper 3 elective. They are interspersed with relevant quotes to facilitate your highlighting. Notes for each book goes for $25.

For H2 Economics, my notes are a succinct summary of the macroeconomics component, supplemented with a concise infosheet about macroeconomic trends (global and Singapore) that has greatly helped to push up my essay marks. The notes go for $25.

For H3 Economics, I cover the entire H3 syllabus, although the bulk of the focus has been placed on Theme 2 and 3. The notes integrate theoretical aspects of H3 Economics (e.g. Mundell’s Optimum Currency Area theory) with contemporary economic phenomena (e.g. Eurozone Crisis), thus serving as ideal study material for the H3 demand for integration of theory with example. These notes reach a total of 87 pages and goes for $85.

I will only entertain genuinely interested buyers and I am amenable to providing samples of my notes to show its quality. I can be contacted at [email protected].
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