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Default Econs deg VS biz mgmt deg

Which is better in terms of career prospects in the future? Heard that most econs deg holders end up being teacher lol
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Biz is very general is terms of subject matter. Econs is much more specific. On top of that, there are alot of biz grads from the local unis and private institutions. Probably churning out around 2500 business graduates each year. Econs, in contrast churns out around 500 grads each year, this is a mere estimate since Im not sure how many in FASS major in econs. On top of that, it is easy for any graduate to take up business due to its generality. For instance, by taking a masters in business. But these people cant do the same for econs. Hence, as a business graduate, you have alot to compete with compared to an economics graduate. And you cant pick up engineering or science as a business grad while an engin or science grad can do the exact opposite. Hence, job-wise, you definitely will be competing with many people.

In a turbulent economy, economists are prized due to the fact that they can closely, but not surely, predict the market. In any case that the job market has no use for economists, they CAN go into teaching (due to the fact that all JCs need a some econs teachers because of the popularity of the subject) but once again, a business grad cannot do the same.
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