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Default Chances of getting into NUS YLLSOM

I was just wondering what my chances will be like as the title says....,I'm currently quite anxious because I really do want to get in but I know my chances are slim because I don't have much faith in my A levels....have been sleeping at like 4am because was worried about this I remember my teacher asking me to drop my Chem to h1 and I couldn't sleep for a week only until I decided not to drop and remain at h2. I really want to do this and can't think what else I want to do with my life. Guess this is my calling I wanted to do it ever since I was born haha.

Ok so the truth is I haven't studied much like only maybe 10% of the past 2 years and I feel really screwed....I don't have much motivation especially when everyone is so discouraging and I feel so inferior. I'm in a good school and all the Teachers mostly care about are the rly good students and I feel like I don't deserve to be in this school....probably also one of the lowest scoring students. Am trying to work hard but was just wondering what are my chances?

I'm taking PCME as H2s and I don't take any H3s. I also got a B for PW which is kinda meh because I wasn't rly passionate about our topic but all my group mates wanted to do it. Assuming I got like AABB, will that be good enough or too bad? What is the score I have to get? All As? I don't think I can do that and have kind of lost faith in myself already....

I'm in a sports cca but I don't have any leadership positions or anything...but I'm going to go for a job shadowing after As and am quite excited for that! Except As are in 2 days and I need to get my life back together....

Anyway thank you for reading please help me out
Also I didn't take UKCAT or BMAT or anything so my choices are quite limited. I took SAT (without studying also lol) but that's not really useful right?

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Don't think too much about that now. I think you need to start getting enough sleep this weekend for your exams.

There are many pathways to doing medicine even if you don't get the grades to do it at the undergraduate level. It all depends on how badly you want to pursue it as a career. It's even becoming more common nowadays with more singaporeans going overseas to do postgrad medicine after their degree in a local uni. Just because you can't score well for A levels doesn't necessarily mean that you can't do a medical degree but you would definitely need a lot of motivation and self-discipline to complete it, which are two things you need to ensure you will have before thinking of doing medicine.

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