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Default How to Excel in GP the fastest way?

let's not talk about tuition or extra classes.

But if GP dependant on the school teacher? I noticed the teaching methods vary a lot with schools/teachers.

I'm a bit worried....for my daughter's grades are constantly falling
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The GP Counsel
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Originally Posted by MadCat View Post
let's not talk about tuition or extra classes.

But if GP dependant on the school teacher? I noticed the teaching methods vary a lot with schools/teachers.

I'm a bit worried....for my daughter's grades are constantly falling
I would like to offer my personal views from the perspective of a GP tutor.

As the subject name implies, General Paper is so broad in scope that there is no precise syllabus outline to adhere to, which means that teaching methods differ from teacher to teacher and may be quite extreme in some schools.

Schools which do not have a cohort-based lecture-tutorial system for GP, and instead only hold tutorial/seminar style classes for students, will mean that the student's main source of learning stems from the tutor in charge of his or her class (and accordingly her ability to do well would be dependent on that particular teacher's level of teaching ability (e.g. passion, enthusiasm, language ability, etc)).

GP is therefore unlike other H2 subjects where the syllabus and topic learning outcomes are clearly defined at the outset. This would accordingly increase the variance and variety of teaching techniques applied by both school teachers and private tutors for GP, although the core objectives remain the same:

1. to engage with students on hot-button issues and current affairs;
2. to distil the complex into the succinct; and
3. to empower them to read, think and write critically.

GP is ultimately a reflection of a student's maturity of thought and knowledge of current affairs, which he or she must express in a logical, well-structured and cogent manner. It is about clarity of expression in writing. GP is not about the ability to describe or narrate, it tests your ability to critically evaluate, reason logically, weigh competing interests and adopt a nuanced and balanced view on a particular hot-button issue.

Generally, most GP school teachers mark essays by making general comments / feedback on the essay, which is valid in the context of the number of scripts they have to mark (usually in the hundreds as they will have a few classes to take).

While understandable in the context of an educator's responsibilities and commitments, the weakness inherent in this model is that the weaker students are unable to assimilate the comments and translate them into constructive arguments which are reflected in their essays.

The solution for drastic improvement would be for your daughter to read more widely and potentially engage a tutor who can guide your daughter in reframing the key arguments and analysis. This process would, from experience, empower your daughter to be the steward of her own learning and also facilitate an unprecedented improvement in her GP results at an exponential rate.

Instead of making general comments and then expecting the student to figure out how to incorporate those comments into subsequent essays (a common practice in schools these days due to large class sizes) it is absolutely critical to show the student the manner in which she can weave those ideas into her existing essay.

This is one of the best ways to enlighten students and instil confidence in students because they now have the keys to open doors they never thought they could.

The GP Counsel

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I think the most impt things would be practicing and reading more articles to know about current affairs as examples are very important. Also, read through model essays to get a feel of the style that A level examiners like. For the comprehension paper, practice makes perfect and do try to learn the QA structure so as to not miss out anything
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