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Smile NTU 2012 Hall Roommate Finder Thread

Hi! I am studying in NTU year 3 student. I will apply for hall for the price SD$ 200 which are Hall 12, 3, 13, 16, 14 and 7. As we know, we can indicate certain person's name specifically for sharing the room together. If you don't want computer to choose for you then come here to look for possible roommate first.

I will try my best to list down my interest & lifestyle here. I have studied in Singapore for 9 years already, I am used to the Singapore live and friends, and have a lot of local friends. I want to use the platform here to find a nice local roommate.

Full Name: Meet agreement then exchange full name
Gender: Male
Courses : Computer Engineering
Nationality : Chinese
Family background: Both parents are Chineses
Home language: Cantonese
facebook ID: LDaneil Lei (you also can PM me if feel suitable)

Distance Points + ECA points = 8 + 5 = 13 points (the difference of our total points must be less than 2, which means you must be between 11 to 15 points, my local friends just because of this requirement, we cannot apply with each other)

Other language: Mandarin, English(very fluent, no problem conversation)
Religion : Christian

Physical info, Height about 170cm, weight 60+ , "panda eye", short hair.

Hobbies: play computer games (eg dota, NFS, starcraft, sims,...), hang out with friends without spend too much money , watch movie, watch dramas, online read comic, listening soundtracks/ musics/songs.

My daily sleeping time : Usually 1am ~ 2am then i go to bed. (I'm planning to adjust my sleeping time as early as 12pm )

My personality : I am honest, friendly, easy to approach, like to talk "lame/cold" joke but I think I have at least a little bit humor, like to share my favorites interest/things with other... Not very fashion,

What I like about people :honest guy, similar interest/views(optional), good guy!, calm, approachable, smart guy, humble, active, occasionally hang out together but not all the time.

What I like about things :computer programming, business, maths, econ, anime, western action/fantasy movies, Final Fantasy, pokemon & digimon.

Subjects I good at rogramming, especially Mathsmatics, Economics, Networking

Normally I will not in the room daytime, I like study in Library,when I am in hostel, I normally keep quiet to provide a very good study environment for all of us, so if you also like to study, want to enhance your GPA, I will be very suitable for you. If you also study Computer Engineering or Computer Science, I think I should be very familiar to all of your projects, we can help and encourage each other.

Temporary is like that, if there is any extra information I will update here.
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any local is also finding roommate?
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Default Looking for female Singaporean roomie

I am a foreigner girl with 12 points currently. I am looking for a female local with 10-14 pts so that we can apply together for a hall room. Whatsapp/SMS me 98685814
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