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Default Reputation System

Dear forum users, in order to recognise the valuable contributors to our community, we have instituted a Forum Reputation system. The system works by allowing users to either "thumbs-up" or "thumbs-down" posts by other users.

The system is easy to use. To get the hang of it, all you need to do is to spend a minute reading the following:

When a user makes a post, you see a button on the bottom left corner of their post looking like this:

A popup will appear, asking whether you approve or disprove of your post. If you approve, you will add 1 point to the user's reputation points. If you disapprove you subtract 1 point instead.

On the top left corner of the post, a user's mini profile on the left hand side, looking like this:


Join Date: Jan 2009
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If you mouse over the below the post count, a textbox will appear, giving you a description of the user's reputation level.

Reputation levels correspond to points in this manner:

-15: User has a very bad reputation
0 : User has a poor reputation
10 : User has a neutral reputation
15 : User has a decent reputation
35 : User has a good reputation
60 : User is a renowned forum user
160: User is a legendary forum user

When you first join, your points start off at 10. Once you make 30 posts and become a Member (rather than Junior Member), you can start adding/subtracting from other users' reputation.

Do note however, that you need at least 0 reputation points for your hits to count, and can make at most 10 hits a day.
Disclaimer: Any advice offered by myself or other moderators / forum members on this forum is just that - mere advice. Neither BrightSparks nor we give any illusion that the information provided is definitive, and take no responsibility for any consequences.

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Dear Forum Users,

Please utilise this system as much as possible because we are trying to gauge its effectiveness here. If you think someone here has responded very professionally to your queries and has made a very informative post, please go ahead and hit that post to give reputation points to the poster.


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