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Exclamation Realistically, is applying for ukmed feasible for me?

Hi guys, I'm part of the 2016 Alvls batch and I got AABB/A, B for both chem and maths. I took BCME all H2s. I know its a horrible result to be applying for medicine anywhere but psychiatry is my passion.

I'm going to be taking UKCAT and BMAT this year to boost my chances as well as volunteering at IMH, but honestly, do I stand a chance at getting an offer from universities like KCL? I mainly want to get into KCL since it is partnered with the premier psychiatric hospital in the UK (Maudsley hospital)

Ofc i know i have no chances applying to the top few. But what about KCL and others?

thank you all in advance :-)
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Just apply to all the med schools that you think you can get in, including aus unis because as you have mentioned, your grades are not impressive. What's important is getting into any recognized med school, and not getting into a med school affiliated with a renowned psych hospital. It is not that important in terms of helping you to pass med school but if you are able to get involved in research in that hospital or the professors there, it will be good. Other than that, it is just a hospital for students to complete their rotations and let you boost your ego by saying that you completed a psych rotation at XXX hospital. It also depends on how much psych is emphasised in KCL. Many world-renowned researchers and hospitals are only famous for their research and may look real impressive on the internet but in real life, they may not be so impressive or even disappointing in terms of teaching or any other aspects of education.

Please also apply with an open mind; yes good to have long term goals but you haven't started med school so your preference may change. Even if you can't get into KCL, that doesn't mean you will have a harder time getting into a psych program. Most of the med students change their mind as they go through each subject and rotation anyway. It is true, even for those that were very confident that they won't change their mind.
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