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Good luck trying to pursue law in USA.
there is a strict LOW quota for international students(eg UMICH 5%, every yr 6K applied only 350 make it) .
A GPA of 3.9 might not gurantee admission. U need High LSAT scores, great recommendation letters and more.

after 4yrs (less if u work your ass off), 3yrs to do JD (those Uni is priced at US$40K++ today). To get a law degree from US expect to spend at least
US$200K in fees alone. add living expenses and U are looking at over US$250K easily.

if U choose to do LLB in UK and then to US do LLM. its "easier" to get admitted since a LLM program is dedicated to International students. each yr they take about 30-50 students. Your competition is those international top dogs.

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hey folks, thanks for the reply, im back after a while now.

Anyway i did some reading up on some of the UK universities, it seems that most of the good schools will require the LNAT. does anyone know when i should apply for the LNAT should i wish to apply for 2011 intake (after deferment) and can i know if this will clash with my NS?

also, i found this

any suggestions to steer in a very human rights based legal career in the future? thanks!!

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