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Originally Posted by not bright enough View Post
If you break very early, then yes the damages are high. Even then, given that her parents could have afforded to send her overseas, it wouldn't have cost that much more.

Alternatively, she could have worked a few years, saved up the money, and then break the bond. Many scholars I know have done that. No problems at all. No love lost either, since you have already worked a few years and you can say that the civil service job isn't your cup of tea.
Sorry do you mind clarifying the point on 'scholars who worked for a few years before breaking their bond' Did they work for like 3-4 years out of the 6 year bond before breaking or what? I'm just curious because I heard that if you break your bond, you'd be blacklisted from the Civil Service
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hi, am asking this on behalf of a friend:
he was offered a scholarship from hdb and has not decided whtr to accept it or not. just some concerns of his-
1. isit true that scholars are usually underpaid when they start work? becos they are already bonded to the company and have no choice but to accept the salary offered by the company that is lower than market rates.
2. does the scholar usually has any say in which department he wants to work in?
3. what are some of the prospects of a hdb scholar, who has a communications background, in the company?

thanks much in advance!
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The Singapore Scholarship Guide: The $500,000 Decision

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Linnette Jane
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There are some school looking for scholarship depending their capacity. But I think, the best thing you can do is try to apply what ever you want. Also, you have to make an options if what you like most.
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But you know what? Whenever scholarship you may have now the good thing is you got one!
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