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Default Forum Renovation

Dear Forum Users,

The BrightSparks Forum will be undergoing renovation over the next week, so as to serve you better.

The forum will remain accessible throughout the duration of the renovation, but threads and sub-forums may be significantly reorganised.

We seek your kind understanding on this matter.
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Hi everyone,

Based on feedback we have gotten, the BrightSparks forum will be undergoing another renovation in this period. You may notice the forum being reorganised, or new "directory" threads being created.

If you want to discuss what you think about this (like it? hate it?), please say so on this thread.

Disclaimer: Any advice offered by myself or other moderators / forum members on this forum is just that - mere advice. Neither BrightSparks nor we give any illusion that the information provided is definitive, and take no responsibility for any consequences.
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This is just my first time here is this forum. In my short time being here. I'm getting to like this community. I'm sure I will enjoy being as part of this forum.
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