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Default Rate my Chances Pls! NUS Medicine EIS

Hello Friends, would be really helpful if you could rate my chances so that I can mentally prepare myself to not expect too high/too low!

My Grades:
Physics A
Math A
Chemistry B
Econs h1 C

Personal Achievements:

NCC (2010 – 2015)
HQ Associate Member, Cadet Officer for Tanjong Katong Secondary School NCC Sea Unit
Won prestigious Outstanding Service Award (2014)
1st position for National Level NCC Kayaking, Dragon boating and Drilling Competitions.
Organizing numerous leadership and military camps for unit

VJC Cricket Team (2014-2015)
Member, Training and Fitness IC
Clinched 3rd Runner's up in National A-division Tournament (2014)

Indian Cultural Society (2014-2015)
Vice President
Organized many key charity events and programmes to help various charity organizations including SINDA and Indian Activities Executive Committee collecting up to $16000
Organized many performances for college fund raising and key events

SINDA (2014-2015)
Youth Community Leader
Spearheaded many key camps and charity events which has gained media spotlight to inculcate the value of leadership and volunteerism among Singaporean youth
Created large scale programmes to aid the under-privileged in Singapore and awarded with seed funding
Gave media interviews and invited to discuss with the Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore on how the youth can be empowered to give back to the community
Nominated to attend SINDA Youth Leaders Seminar in 2014 which was highly received by the media
Nominated to be in charge of Operations and Logistics Team, Preparation of Press Kits, Briefing media and important Political and Entrepreneurial Leaders and leading youth to discuss and solve key social issues in Singapore for SINDA Youth Leaders Seminar in 2015

Kayaking 3 star Certification - Instructor
Selected to attend prestigious Singapore Armed Forces and MINDEF scholarships, internships and experience programmes for academic and leadership potential (2014 and 2015)
Won all of college Design and Art competitions
Created many shirt, banner and logo designs for clubs, events and key organizations
Set up a successful commissioned art shop and have donated the profits to charity
Chemistry and Science Associate Tutor for an established tuition center
Aided Ramakrishna Mission Boys Association in the provision of Medical, Financial and Food Aid to people affected by the Chennai Floods (2016)

I would be extremely grateful if you helped me! Thanks!
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Your portfolio is very impressive! It would be definitely worth it to give a shot at EIS. However, I noticed that many of your achievements are more slanted towards the entrepeneurship-business side of things so I am not too sure if NUS Medicine will consider them relevant for medicine. For instance, perhaps a stint at medicine related activites like hospital attachments would have helped your application much more.

That being said, overall it is still very very good and perhaps still much better than what I have seen so far. At least in terms of the CIP component

Just offering my two cents. Good luck!

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Woah thanks for the quick reply! really appreciate it haha. Yea I guess its abit to the business side but I phrased it in my apps and focused them on helping the society though. For example, the charity events and art shop profits being donated to the charity. Teaching stint is used to emphasise my passion for helping students and the sciences.

I specifically mentioned that I didn't consider a job shadowing stint because I already knew how it is like to be a doctor having relatives and growing up helping them overseas. I said that those were meant for people who were still ensure about whether medicine was a career that was suitable for their liking.... where as I already knew what it was like and thus wanted to spend the time I had helping others out aka teaching and volunteering.
I hope its enough though!
Thanks anyways!
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