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Default Rate my chances - SMU Law

Hello friends, I'm an A Level graduate who has applied for SMU Law. My results are as follows.

H2 Econs: A
H2 Math: B
H2 Chem: B
H1 Bio: A
H1 General Paper: A
H1 Project Work: B
H1 Mother Tongue: A

Total UAS: 84.375

I'm really anxious now because I haven't gotten any news at all from SMU yet. My second choice is Accountancy and I think my grades are pretty safe for that so I was at least expecting to get called up for Acc interview if not Law. I made payment for my application on 30 March, so I guess my I submitted my application late?

I've done a law internship and wrote about it in detail for my essay. As for CCAs, I'm from a sports CCA (school team), was part of the school's journalism club (and have written articles) and participated in a few Model United Nations (MUNs). I've included all these under the CCA section.

My other friends have gotten interview invitations from SMU and my rank points are somewhat similar to theirs. So I'm kinda worried now and even getting paranoid that SMU hasn't contacted me yet. Would appreciate it if you guys could help me out thanks!
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Sorry to disappoint you but I doubt that you have a high chance.

A) Interviews have been conducted and the fact that you haven't received any news doesn't bode well.
B) I believe in recent years, min. UAS to get an interview is 85 and that's pushing it too. Most acceptances have UAS near those of NUS Law.
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