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Mod Copied from another post for easy reference:

NUS and NTU DA are two different processes:

I've posted this before on another thread but I'll repost this again for your reference:

Originally Posted by GSC1989 View Post
You should apply under Discretionary Admissions as well. NTU's DA process is held before the mainstream process, meaning that you'll be considered for mainstream consideration even if you don't get through DA. You have nothing to lose. (source on NTU's DA)

For NUS, there is a separate cut-off for academic grades to be considered for DA. If you do meet this criteria your non-academics will then be evaluated. (source: NUS's DA). This cutoff is closely linked to the IGP cutoff for that year.

Either way, applying DA does nothing to hurt your chances at mainstream selection, so you should just apply to increase your chances.

In any case, you do not have anything to lose by applying through DA.
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