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Unhappy Rate my chances for FASS please

Hi guys!

I’m an arts student and my A results are as the following:

BCC/A and A for GP and MTL and B for PW

I’m short of 1.25 based on the IGP

What are my chances and how should I do for DA?

Please help!

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Hi I'm facing a similar situation here!

BCC/A with B for GP, A for PW and A2 for Higher Chinese. The final UAS is 77.625 after taking into account MT. NUS FASS, NTU Psychology and SMU Business Mgmt are my first choices for the 3 local unis respectively.

I believe DA is worth a try, as we don't know if the 10th percentile boundary will rise or fall this year (yes it does not necessarily rise based on past years IGP).

Can someone help to rate our chances please??
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I suspect it will rise this year. The trend looking at the past few years has been that arts/humanities are rising while sic/engineering are dropping. Not to mention that the news has said that students did best this year than any other year. Hence with the grade inflation and rising popularity of arts courses, you can guess that FASS will also go up this year as well.

In any case, you should just apply for it and hope for the best. NTU also has a few humanities/ss courses that are way below FASS IGP, that could be a backup in case you don't get FASS.
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