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Smile Questions about US University Application

Hello all!

Am new to this forum - decided to ask here to see if I can find answers that I am looking for. Have been googling and googling but some of my answers remain vague & unclear. So hope to seek some enlightenment here!

Ok, so basically I am a fresh grad from Ngee Ann Poly's School of Film & Media Studies - with a Diploma in Mass Communication. I was blessed to have attained Diploma with Merit (Top 10% of cohort), with a CGPA of 3.77, with CCA Gold Achievement. I applied to NTU & NUS using my 5th semester results, and was offered to read NTU Public Policy & Global Affairs (PPGA), as well as NUS Arts & Social Sciences (FASS).

But coming from a comms background, I don't think I would fit in at either of these courses. I want to enroll in a good film school to pursue my dreams (can't find any good ones in Singapore). I'm considering (in this order) USC School of Cinematic Arts, UCLA Television Film and Theatre, or CalArts.

I am unclear about how to go about doing the admission process - what do they need to see? Should I take SATs to back up my Diploma? Also, if I have relevant industry experience (have been working in the industry while studying), will this help my application in any way?

Next, as I am an able-bodied male citizen, I have to serve the nation. Now when should I start applying for US Universities? Not sure if they understand the concept of conscription and not sure if they will hold a university placement for two likes, like their Singaporean counterparts. So should I start applying early, or wait till I'm closer to my ORD date (probably August 2017)?

Lastly, anyone out there who's enrolled in USC, is Singaporean, is a poly grad, and is reading any courses at USC SCA? Would love to hear it from you.

Does anyone know the acceptance rate of these film schools mentioned above?

Thanks everyone, for your help! Hope to hear from you soon!
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If you applying as transfer student chances of getting into UCLA is low.

Not sure about CalArts, but it's best to do SAT and apply as freshman especially you did comms you will not meet the mini credits requirement to qualify as a transfer applicant

If you ORD Aug 2017 apply in Sept 2016. They will not hold your spot if u get admitted.

Your experiences and achievements should be written in your admission essay.

Since u are considering USC etc you must come from a well to do family (by 2017 - u looking at usd$60k+ a yr in fees and expenses - usd$200-250k for the degree) Reach out to the Singaporean assoc in USC, if they are nice they will be offering some insights.

Publish Acceptance rate typically for domestic applicants use. For them iirc publish rates is ~5%.

I suggest u apply to a few more uni and resources (for reference no bible) below are a easy find in the web

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Hi! The best place to check admissions requirements to US universities is to go directly to the universities' websites. Well, according to my brother. (he got in to NYU).

It seems relevant hands-on experience is obviously helpful! I was thinking of getting help from the company, aureus ( they came to my school before the june holiday break (i'm aiming for UCLA by the way )

I heard from my guy seniors that you can get accepted, then defer your admission for a year to most US universities. Not sure, if the school you are aiming for allows that.

Good luck!
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