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Default Your Opinion: University of Michigan vs. SUTD

An short introduction about myself, I am interested in pursuing Technology Entrepreneurship, preferably in the consumer products segment.

In my university studies, I am looking at pursuing Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in Product Development. It would be great if I was given the opportunity to pursue Research and Development on my own start-up project as well as have support in entrepreneurship from the universities. If I am unable to succeed in entrepreneurship, I would love to work in technical or management roles in top consumer product technology firms which focus on engineering and design.

At the Singapore University of Technology and Design, I am attracted by:

- Small class size, all conducted in classrooms. (2 professors to 45 students in a classroom)
- Curriculum developed by MIT, taught by top professors coming from Caltech, Stanford trained etc. trained in MIT. No TAs at all.
- Suitable major for me: Engineering Product Development (Mechanical Engineering)
- Unlimited research opportunities on a professor's project/ your own idea. Funds projects too.
- Full scholarship which includes a overseas exchange to Zhejiang University in the summer; with internship
- Possibly a chance to go for a 3 month programme at MIT/ Overseas internship.
- There's no bond and allows me to pursue entrepreneurship after my university studies.

Only drawback is that its new (just 4 years) and may not have the prestige/ alumni connection many top research universities have. Moreover, if I am not able to succeed in my start up, I would most probably be stuck in Singapore (due to the lack of overseas exposure and recognised degree) doing engineering work which may not necessarily excite me (in maintenance, upgrading of current products instead of R&D).

As for Umich, I am attracted by the following:

- Possible even better faculty than what's offered in SUTD
- Possible internship/ future job prospects in top technology companies (Apple, Microsoft, Boeing, Ford etc.)
- Higher rate of success in technology entrepreneurship with large-scale support from VCs and large market
-Ability to complete Masters in a top university in 4 years.
- Chance to explore many different parts of the world through IPE/ CGIS (fully paid by scholarship)

However, I would be bonded for 6 years doing Defence R&D working on unmanned systems. While it is something I am interested in and I believe the experience will be immensely helpful to me in the future with the greater utility of unmanned systems such as driverless cars, robots, unmanned drones, it will impede me from my goal as a technology entrepreneur.
Moreover, the large class size and discussion lessons taken by GSI which results in the lack of opportunities to work with the professors worries me too.

This is why I am unable to make a decision and I hope to gain assistance from experienced folks like you all. Thanks in advance!
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Hi Ben, I know you in real life
Ben got an offer from the California Institute of Technology too. If you wonder, I think he chose University of Michigan in the end.
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