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Exclamation Help Needed UCL VS NTU

Hi all
I am in a dilemma here. I received a ntu offer for a double degree in accountancy and biz with college scholarship and I also have an offer from ucl for econs. Which is more feasible?

I am determined to move towards the more quantitative side of finance. Which exact job I am not yet certain but I am actively exploring. I am looking for a job that is intellectually stimulating not repetitive. Repetition without being intellectually challenged puts me off greatly. So a big question mark looms if I should be pursuing accountancy in the future. Finance wise my family is willing to support but I am from middle class income so cost is still part of the consideration. Real dilemma here. Please help!!!

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if you do well in NTU you could always to for higher degree say Phd in Econs or Stats. These degree are generally funded in states. U.K. Or OZ so long you can secure funding.

not many jobs at bach level is intellectually stimulating not repetitive. usually these jobs wants ppl with higher degree from top uni.

my recommendation is study locally do well and explore undergrad research if any, save up the money if you have to spend a yr in states unfunded to pick up the prereq classes.

if U choose to stop at bach, then go for UCL it open doors and perhaps you can find something less boring.

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