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Default tips for isat

hi! i have applied to UWA and flinders which requires isat. i cant seem to find alot of prep materials for isat except from acer website. how is the isat like? is it like bmat? and is it like easy to score in?
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hey not sure if you've taken it already or not but heres my $0.02

Took my ISAT on 10 April 18 - scored overall 184/93 percentile

The isat is a little similar to the section 1 of BMAT in the sense that it has the general "logic/critical thinking/reasoning" feel but styled in a markedly different manner. you will encounter strange types of questions which may throw you off.

To familiarise yourself, you can buy the sample paper of their website, cost about $17SGD i think? its not a very good reflection of the difficulty of the paper, but atleast it preps you in terms of what to expect

Honestly, for ISAT, theres only so much one can do. The test is computerised, with only 3 hours for 100 questions so for one, you gotta be familiar with working on a piece of paper while your question comes from a screen (trust me i thought this was okay at first too, until i did a mock paper and i realised how irritating it was to constantly refer back and forth between the screen and my paper).

Similarly, its a 3 hour test with no breaks. It'll be just you and a computer screen in a silent room filled with other people. Mental stamina is essential at this point. You gotta be able to keep your mind going. if need be, take a 1-2 min break for a breather; anything that will keep your from overloading yourself.

Not sure if its on purpose or just the exam nerves, but some questions can be tricky, and have a deeper meaning so read them extra carefully before answering. highlight the keywords to aid you

Also, you'll DEFINITELY not know how to do questions( i think i had 10++?). In such situations, don't panic. just read the questions carefully, try to discern whether youre capable of solving it or not and if its not possible, just give it your best shot and move on. no point pondering over it after youve chosen your answer. come back later to attempt it

For questions with ambiguous answers, mark them and move on as well. chances are, you wont know the answers even if you came back to check haha

Time management wise, for the ones that you know, solve them ASAP so you have time to linger and ponder over the ones that you dont. But of course, try not to make careless mistakes. You should have adequate time to finish up the paper, and TBH extra time to check the paper isnt really needed because youd probably be unable to solve the ones u r stuck at/ review all 100 questions

All the best!! Hope you'll do well

I'll be applying to UWA and flinders as well so maybe we'll see each other

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