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You will take the ISAT after you finished your uni applications around March.For PQA,you will be notified by the university.

You can choose when you want to take it as long as you are ready,but preferably a month after you apply. I think these details will be made known to you when you apply.

Yep,you apply for 2020 Feb admission if you apply in 2019. That means that if you are a girl, you have to wait for the following year in 2020. If you are a guy, you can defer your intake to the year when you finish national service to 2021.

I do not really know how the UK works but generally, people apply at 2019 for 2019 Sept admission. The UK process the application faster, it is like local uni + 1 month, so essentially you still apply in 2019 after the A levels.

Yeah UCAS is pretty narrow, you can only choose several school options, like I know that if you don't take A levels biology, you are definitely limited to a few options since most schools require it as pre-requisite.

I will advise you to do your best for A levels and don't worry too much about applying for medical schools now. The right time to worry about it is the time when you get back your A levels results. Know of cases where people messed up their A levels and get a couple of Bs and Cs,ending up in undergraduate medicine in Australia.
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