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Default Investment banking : How bad can a job get?

How bad can a job get? Very bad. I am in investment banking (corporate finance/M&A). Let me tell you why I hate this job so much (despite the $$$)...pardon me while I get all these things off my chest:

- MDs (the senior bankers) have no respect for your time. They email and expect you to reply or get the stuff done even at midnight on a saturday. I am their slave 24/7 with no life of my own. I've been sleeping an average of 4 hours a day for the last 6 months. How long can this go on before my health is permanently damaged?

- It's an intellectually dishonest job. If you are on the sell-side, you tweak the projections to make the valuation go up. Buyside, do the reverse. You continue doing this even if no one believes in these projections and the work product any more. I can't believe that I am wasting my life on something so worthless and so dishonest.

- Generally, investment bankers are the most money-driven idiots around without any moral principles. It's all about cover-your-ass and the office politics is just AMAZING. Everything has to be written on email for records sake and so you can point your finger at others when things go wrong. Colleagues are jerks.

- Investment bankers really know sh*t about the clients' business but we do a good job of pretending we do and then we fleece our clients with millions in fees. How come no one sees through this folly?,52364.0.html
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