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Default SAT Prep Class

Diagnosing Your Score
Taking and re-taking practice tests and practice problems won’t improve your score if you don’t understand what your specific strengths and weaknesses are. Our students take a comprehensive diagnostic assessment when they enter the tutoring program that identifies the precise concepts within each subject area that they are struggling with.

Targeted Strategy Sessions
Work one-on-one with your own SAT tutor to develop the necessary skills based on your diagnostic assessment and learn the best strategies for increasing your score. Our sessions teach strategies for each section of the SAT: Reading, Writing, Math, and the optional Essay.

Realistic Practice Materials
The most effective way to prepare for the SAT is to practice the exam in the exact way that it will be taken on test day. We’ve designed all of our prep materials to match the real SAT as much as possible. After rehearsing with our materials, students are extremely prepared to sit for the real exam and perform to the same degree that they have in practice.

Score Progress Monitoring
Students and families are given unparalleled progress tracking and score prediction tools to understand exactly how the student is progressing toward their score goal. Progress is shared every two weeks based on the specific practice problems and exams that the student completed, so students, families, and tutors remain on top of the prep timeline and meeting score goals.

A Customized Curriculum
The most important advantage of our program is customization. Each one of our students participates in a comprehensive diagnostic process so both the student and his or her tutor can fully understand the student’s strengths and weaknesses and spend tutoring sessions on areas that need it most. This diagnostic process informs the entire trajectory of the course, down to each individual session and each individual practice problem assigned.

Near-Peer Mentorship
Our students work with highly-trained tutors from top colleges who scored in the 99th percentile of the SAT in recent years. Our tutor selection process is extremely selective, and each of our tutors is compassionate, skilled, and trained in our data-backed curriculum to improve students’ SAT scores.
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