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Default PSC for Law students

Hi all. I would like to ask, if I wish to study law, what will I be doing once I return to serve my bond? I know that during the period of bond, I wouldn't be called to the Bar so what do we exactly do?
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do you already have a scholarship? law graduates don't necessarily become lawyers. as psc scholars, you can end up doing policy work just like any other scholarship.
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Hey! From what I know, unless you end up in the AGC, they'll just leave you to do policy work in the other ministries.

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Pete Cowan, Trainer at Kaplan Altior, gives us a short and sweet summary of what to expect from Kaplan Altior's Professional Skills Course...

Starting a training contract can be a hectic time, full of adjustment, high expectations (from you and your firm) and trying to find your place. Add to that the SRA requirement that you must satisfactorily complete the professional skills course (PSC) and the beginning of your training contract can start to seem overwhelming. But stay calm – your training principal is hopefully there to help you with adjustments, you can manage your own expectations and you'll find your feet in the firm through your own hard work and enthusiasm.

And the PSC? Don’t worry – this brief article will explain the basics to you and help you figure out the best way to approach the course.
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