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Default PSC Scholarship Eligibility Question...

It is said that applicants generally should possess 11 AUs when applying for the PSC scholarships if they are taking the 'A' Levels, and that applicants with 10 AUs but have strong compensating factors such as outstanding achievements in their CCAs and strong track record of community service could still be considered on a case-by-case basis...

My question here is, what would be considered as outstanding achievements in CCAs (does holding leadership roles help?) and is the strong track record of community service absolutely required (I didn't get a chance to participate in OCIP because of my school prohibiting it due to the potential return of the haze from the Indonesian forest fires...).

Another question would be...does PSC contact colleges directly for prelim results before applicants even apply for it? And also, when does the early cycle start?

Thank you in advance for the responses!
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