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Default Working in university

Hello I'm a student matriculating into SMU Law in AY2015/16. As my house is rather far from Bras Basah, I want to rent a place nearer to SMU, maybe about 5-8 MRT stations away (which would be an improvement over the approximately 15 I would have to travel otherwise). I'd like to teach GP tuition, as a result, in order to cover living costs, rental and perhaps even have some left over.

1) What are reasonable hours of work per week for a Law student (assuming you're satisfied with average performance)? I'm thinking of 8-10 hours/week of tuition.

2) Is it okay job-wise to not have/actively participate in a CCA and instead focus on teaching GP tuition and having a social life with coursemates and outside of university?

3) What's the going rate for a straight-A Law student teaching GP individually or in small groups (less than or equal to 3), anyway?
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