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Default NUS School of Computing

What is the minimum SAT score required for admission in SoC/ FoE at NUS?
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Exclamation NUS School of Computing

I'm a poly grad, ording this year. Dip in infocomm.

There's no sticky on SoC. What is it like there? Are there a lot of talent from china and india? And the male/female ratio.

I have a place in ntu's ddp, biz & comp sci, but seeing some friends already struggling with 1 degree, I changed my mind.

I applied for NUS computer science, but am curious about Infomation systems and Communications and media.

Any reply is appreciated. Thankyou!
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poly grads have an advantage in the more technical modules like programming-based ones, but tend to need to work harder in the more academic fields like pure math and science, which are covered in A levels..

yes, almost 50% of the cohort is foreign talent (largely china, india and vietnam), but that doesnt mean u cant do well with hard work. anything is possible because they have their own struggles too (e.g. language). locals have an advantage over them in many things too, as u will learn to realise.

male-female ratio is surprisingly alright compared to some other cohorts like mech engine or physics. it is a small cohort compared to the rest of the school so u will eventually get to know most people in your year (esp the locals).

u can freely choose to switch btwn CS, IS and CM majors within your first year, because the foundation modules are almost the same. the difference between them are the elective modules at higher level as well as the few cross-faculty core modules u take. CS takes science modules, IS takes business modules and CM takes arts (new media) modules. so it depends on which area interests u the most. usually CS and CM modules overlap quite a bit, except for the arts modules part.
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Thanks for your explanation, cleared up a lot of things. Looking forward to open house =)
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I had gone to NUS SoC section.....i was disappointed man.....the lectuerer look so cui and cmi. compare to the engineering schl, is 1 heaven 1 earth........

talk to ths student also sian....they dun look enthu at all..... nv promote like other student from other school, just stand and wait for my qns.....look blur....ask them Qn, their ans 40% relevent rest divert to dunno wat sia. Ask them wat programme they got learn, they say now chaning to more concentrate on that the new module mention something ago???

but Compus wise, NUS look more vibrant and lively
Oh is SoC a new building?

NUS = Good n vibrant compus but cmi SoC??
NTU = Need to hill climb, hospital type building,Com Science more zai?

any1 from SoC care to comment? feel demoralize
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on the campus life..

SoC people are more laid back in general (read: more concentrated on academic work). But this is just a general stereotype because there ARE fun people in every faculty. It's just up to you to find them and interact with them.

Some SoC ppl are "sian" about their academic stuff also because esp for the JC people, it's considered a "dumping ground" major.. some don't even have the interest but they are kinda forced into it in order to get a degree.

but otherwise, like i have mentioned, campus life boils down alot to who you choose to interact and mix with. you can be in a "happening" faculty and yet be "unhappening". attending orientation camps helps alot, because that's where all the happening people are. =)

my opinion is that NUS is indeed more vibrant. but that's just my opinion.

and yes, SoC's facilities are arguably the best among other faculties. There's a fully air-conditioned building called COM1 which is newly renovated not long ago (took over from Law), with 24-hour computer labs available. and now they are renovating another building beside it, called COM2, which formerly belonged to the business school. =)

academic wise...

i believe SoC focuses more on theoretical stuff. not sure about NTU comp science but i heard that it is very xiong..
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Default as a communications and media major in computing

i'm not sure if it's just my major, but i don't find the students "sian".. they're a bunch of enthusiastic students who are pretty passionate about what they're doing (think 3d rendering, games programming, flash animation), which probably accounts for my poor grades

(note: i'm more of a hall-person than a faculty-person.. one of those full-time hall part-time school people.. so i play harder than i study.. oops. btw, not sure if you guys know, but soc has its own computing committee to take care of student welfare, to take care of nus rag day, to take care of interfaculty games etc.. so there's more than just studying!)

as for lecturers, i've had my fair share of good ones and bad ones, and the ratio seems just about the same as i've had in jc and sec sch, so i figure they score average in this aspect. it's good to ask around about the modules you're interested in, so that you have a feel of whether the lecturer is good.. and some modules have one lecturer in charge for semester 1 and another one for semester 2, so it's up to you to make the intelligent choice!

even more important than good lecturers are probably good seniors hence the academic important of joining the orientation camps.
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Question Master of Computing (by coursework)

Hello All,

I am an international aspirant of NUS (India). I am presently working in an MNC as a Software Engineer. I have around 3 years of experience.
I am planning to apply for Master of Computing (by coursework) - specialization - Information Technology Project Management (ITPM) [requires min 2 yrs of exp]

I saw mixed reactions about SoC in this thread.

I would like to know how is the prospectus for a person like me with 3 + yrs of exp. I might take the Service Obligation Scheme.

I would like to know how the faculty & the course is? Also the job prospects/placements after finishing the course.

Thank you...
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I'm am offered the computing(computer science) course, and is currently debating whether to accept the offer.
I'm not sure if i can survive in the school since i do not have a computing background(didn't take computing in JC).So i would like to ask if the lack of computing background will make studies in this course difficult?
Thank you.
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Hi radicaldreamer,

I am a current student in SOC. I think that having no background is not really an issue. In school, you will be taught the basics. So, not to worry about having no background. Having prior knowledge of computing would gives you an advantage, but I have seen people with no background doing better than those who have.

But I would suggest you to look at some books on programming and computing to see whether you have the interest in it. Some people with no background might find computing hard and dry and end up transferring out of the faculty. Hence, I think that the biggest issue is whether you have the interest or not. If you are interested in computing, then I guess you should be able to survive the years in NUS Computing.
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