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Default Private Degree Students, What do you have to say?!

Hello to all private degree students of SIM

Do you have something to say about the Singapore’s education system, your private degree student experience, and your personal aspirations as a young person in Singapore?

I’m a student researcher currently working on an in-depth research on private degree students - both locals and international, part time and full time – in Singapore. The age group I’m targeting for my research is between 18 and 32.

I’m very interested in understanding your experience and perception of doing a private degree in the following aspects:

1. Singapore’s education system and private degree education broadly

2. The circumstances and motivations that led you to do a private degree

3. Your experience of the course you enrolled in and why the selected course

4. Your experience in using the campus (i.e. How often you go to school, when and what you use the campus for, do you like the campus, etc.)

5. Your personal goals in life (work, marriage, family etc.)

6. How do you position yourself in the Singapore society at your current stage in life?

My research is approved by the ethics board by the institution I’m affiliated to, so all information collected will be protected for confidentiality. Documents of these will be shown when seeking consent to participate in research.

So what can you help me with?

If you are a current student or who has just graduated in the last one year (2012-13),
If you have some time to spare (45 to 60 minutes), let’s have a chat over coffee (on my tab!) at a place and time of your choice, and simply let me understand your experience from your perception – there is no right or wrong answer to this.

Please get in touch with me at [email protected]

I would really appreciate your help! I also hope to be compiling a condensed (anonymised) report for interested/relevant parties once my project is completed.

Your friendly student researcher on private degree student experience,
PhD candidate at University of Oxford
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