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Default Private candidate for A levels

Hello to all those private candidates who are taking A levels this year.

I am retaking my A levels this year too and currently still serving ns. In my 2nd year, I have plenty of time and time-offs for me to do my studying and to attend tuition. I'm searching for people who are taking the examinations at Tampines JC in this November especially.

I hope to find people to go to the exam venue together so that we wouldn't be alone and feel lost on the days of the examination. I am also finding someone to attend tuition with me to prepare for my H2 Chemistry Paper 5 (SPA) because I do not know how the paper is gonna be or what we need to do to prepare for it.

Even if you are not doing your exams in tpjc, feel free to contact me because I want to gather a group of private candidates in a whatsapp group so that we can aid each other in our studies like helping one another solving maths/chem questions?? I can share my notes with you all and you can offer me notes that I might need. Why fight this war alone when we can do it together?

We only have ourselves to count on and we can do this to pull ourselves through the difficult times we have gone through as private candidates ( (at times I really feel like giving up?)

If you are interested, please pm me!!!
3more months ++ to go JIAYOU

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Hi fellow tpjc junior, I'm your senior. I graduated in 2010 and retook in 2012, same situation as you. Subject combi is PCME, took 2 paper 5. Basically, it's like your SPA, I would advise you to either purchase or get your hands on previous year's paper 5 to get a rough idea of the structure of paper 5. I know this path can get lonely at times but trust me, after you overcome this you will emerge as a different person. Hang in there and don't give up!!! If you need advice or help, pm me at [email protected]
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