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Default Chances for scholarship and overseas U?

Hi, didn't do too well for my school's standards but still hoping to get scholarship (not PSC or top tier ones) to go US/UK to study either computer science or business. I got AAB/C (H1 Econs), A for PW and B for GP. My CCA record is pretty good as I have won many individual titles for sports and am in the national team. Which scholarship would you recommend I try for my results and what are my chances?
Preferred overseas Us would be:
for US --> Carnegie Mellon, UC Berkeley, and maybe LACs(liberal art colleges) like Pomona, Amherst which i know are also very hard to get in
for UK --> Imperial (yeah probably not), Warwick
Going to take SATs this year.
not banking on getting in on results alone as i know they are pretty mediocre but still really want to study overseas. if no scholarship then probably staying in SG (not complaining but i wanna experience overseas independent lifestyle)

Please indicate whether I have a chance for getting local scholarships (perhaps National Infocomm Scholarship? and please give suggestions for alternatives) , and also for each university (to the best of your knowledge) use the following to show my chances: R=reject RE=reach with good SATs S=have chance with good SATs

Be as honest and brutal as possible :? yeah but appreciate the input please help!!!

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