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Default Rolling bearing failure of main form

Rolling bearing may cause damage to the work process, due to various reasons, such as improper assembly, poor lubrication, humidity and overload foreign body, such as corrosion and all can lead to premature bearing damage. Even in installing and running in good condition, for a while in lubricated bearing fatigue spalling and work and wear and cannot work. In short, the volume and the cause of the problem is very complex. The main form of rolling bearing and the reasons are as follows.

1. Fatigue spalling
Rolling bearing internal and external path and the relative rolling roller surface is not bear the load, due to the alternating load, in the first place on the surface, the maximum depth (division), then the distribution of contact surface crack layer peeling pit, finally in the vast, SKF Bearings phenomenon - fatigue spalling. May lead to fatigue spalling in impact load, vibration and noise. Usually the main cause of fatigue spalling is part of the fault rolling bearings, bearing, bearing is often referred to as resources to understand bearing fatigue test, endurance test - life. Test procedure, the racecourse or body rolling bearing fatigue spalling area of 0.5 was pit end of resources. Rolling bearing strength dispersion is very big, resources can be lowest and highest number of bearing life is several times or even one hundred times more Angle control shows the importance of the fault rolling bearing.

(2) the wear
Dust, foreign bodies, path and the subversion of the relative motion on the surface of roller wear and poor lubrication, aggravate wear, bearing wear caused by clearance increases, the surface roughness increases working precision and reduce the bearing, thereby reducing vehicle movement accuracy, vibration and noise increase and consequences. For precision machinery bearings, bearing wear usually limited to the life.
In addition, there is a mini power wear. No, in the bearing rotating oscillation function, between the rolling element and raceway contact area is small, relative sliding have repeatedly because of wear and tear, lawn streaks on the surface, oscillation. The scratch

3. Plastic deformation
When the bearing static load or shock load or the additional load of high hardness, thermal deformation or foreign body is formed on the surface dents or scratches on the turf. In the process of the bearing due to the sharp fluctuations and noise. But when you have to print, copy, cause shock load will cause near the surface of the skin peeling.
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