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Default Chances for NUS Computational Biology and qns

Hello! My grades for A levels were
H2 maths:A
H2 Biology:A
H2 Chemistry:B
H2 Economics:C

I got a place in NTU Accountancy 2 years ago (which i accepted) and i'm and reaching the end of my NS liability in 3 months time.

Over the 2 years i have been doing more research on various courses and have reached the conclusion that computational biology would be more suited to my interests.

However, I'm unsure of my chances of getting into computational biology. Also to apply for computational biology i would lose my place in NTU Accountancy as u have to accept NUS Science...

Any advice is appreciated!
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Hi,I am not in Comp. Bio,but I have a senior in NUS comp. bio now. So,you can think of it as a second opinion.

With your scores,you can get into comp. bio.

Several reasons

Comp. Bio is a niche programme,not a lot of people apply for it. This is similar to food science.
My senior,one year ahead of me(I am matriculating NUS science this yr ),did slightly worse than you.

Pros and Cons + a mini introduction of Comp.Bio

Comp. Bio is a really tough programme. If you will to do some research,as you already have,you will realise that NUS is one of the few institutions in the world that offer comp. bio at an undergrad. level. Most top universities,offer the programme in the Master's level.Comp. Bio is an interesting programme with a huge variation of skill sets.


1.Huge diversity of knowledge taught
You learn programming at the start.(Hopefully,you learn it already) You learn bio,stats,maths. If you love breadth,this is the ultimate programme for you.

2.You stand out from the rest
This is the only programme that is taught in NUS.You will come out into the industry,equipped with the relevant knowledge to pioneer many bioinformatics research. A*Star wants you

3.New local PhD programme in biostatistics/bioinformatics
This new programme in Duke-NUS makes it easier for comp. bio students to transit into a local fully-paid PhD programme in Singapore. To apply in,you require a comp. science/maths/stats degree,but comp. bio stands out the most amongst the degree applicants. If you are considering PhD in,it wouldn't be so tough.


1.Insane Difficulty Level Alert!
My friend went in,requiring to overload,take 6 modules instead of 5. The module,he found himself struggling with,was programming since he had no prior experience.To add on to the difficulty index,he has to take an extra module,qualifying english exam,that is for students with GP <C. You have to take that,no matter what faculty you are from,if you are GP <C.

He has also deemed it to be the SOF of science,trained in multiple disciplines but under difficult conditions.He made the bad mistake of diverting his attention to each of his modules and spending similar time on each module,when he should have spend lesser time on the programming module,that led him to get 6 subjects with around a similar grade of B/B-.He can only S/U the B- as the grades for each subjects are all so close and not really spectacular either. S/U system works better when you take the risk of studying 5 subjects instead of 6, or 4 instead of 5,since you can S/U anyway and your 4 will probably get B+ or higher.

Last but not least,he mentions the high drop-out rate in the programme,ouch....

2.Can't take an additional minor/major
For some people,their breadth is to take another minor/major. This is possible for other majors in FoS.(life science,chem,physics,maths) but not possible for Food science,comp.Bio,etc.

3.Bell Curve
Are you in uni for grades or learning? For the former,the bell curve for niche programmes are insane.Imagine applying bell curve on 50 students(I know for a fact,this applies to food science),your cohort mates are going to be in for a rat race as the probability for faring worse is so high,with a smaller cohort size.

Well,if I were you,I will think carefully of the above pointers first,before considering.

However,if you are not able to reach a consensus and will like to link up with my senior in,he do be happy to Just drop me a PM.
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Hey thanks so much for the reply! Appreciate it. Will definitely reconsider. Would love to be able to ask your senior more questions.

Maybe i'll even change to NUS Science so i might get so see you HAHA. Matriculating this year too.

Do you know if I'm able to accept a NUS Science option without losing my NTU Accountancy option?

I accepted it 2 years ago. Does it automaticallyget cancelled if I accept science?
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Hey! Just my 2 cents worth.

I know some friends who graduated from biology from NUS and NTU. From what I have heard it is extremely difficult to find a well paying job in singapore with a biology degree. Maybe it might be different for comp bio. One friend is actually signing on to army because he was stuck as a research assistant for 5 years.
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[email protected]
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Hello!! Could you please spare us a min of your time to help complete this short feedback survey for a project we are working on?

thank you so much!! wish you all the best for your studies/future!!
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