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Default Forum Policies & Regulations

A very warm welcome to the BrightSparks forum!

This forum is designed to offer a platform to exchange information, advice, experiences and ideas regarding scholarships, higher education and careers.

BrightSparks aims to maintain a friendly and positive environment for all through the use of forum rules and guidelines. To do so, all registered users should read through the policies thoroughly to understand the forum rules.

Last but not least, we hope you enjoy the forum and we look forward to your active participation.

Please note that by posting, you are agreeing to the following forum policies & regulations.

Forum Policies / Regulations updated on the 11th May 2010

No Advertising

No advertising allowed unless permission is granted.

Please Post in Proper English

Avoid excessive use of abbreviations and Singlish. A few here and there are fine but please remember to make your posts clear and comprehensive.

Use Appropriate Usernames

Please refrain from registering usernames that contain the words BrightSparks or its variations. Furthermore, obscene or insulting usernames are not allowed. Note that BrightSparks reserves the right to intervene accordingly if users are found to be doing so.

No Spamming

This includes double posting. Multiple identical posts will be deleted.

No Trolling / Flaming / Profanity

No posts obviously designed to attract flames or otherwise incite other posters to react negatively and aggressively will be tolerated. Also, please do not post links to pornography or other adults-only content. Likewise, images that contain nudity or promote violence are not allowed.

No Violating Copyright Laws

No posts that copy or republish an article. You may link to it and provide a summary instead.

Post in the Appropriate Forum

If you are starting a new topic, please give some thought to which forum your topic most appropriately belongs to before posting. Please do not start more than one topic with the same question or message. Also, keep to the topic and be relevant.

Search the Forums

Before posting a question or problem, please use the search feature in the forums to see if your question has been answered previously.

Descriptive Topic Subject

When starting a new topic, please give a little thought to coming up with a meaningful and descriptive subject, especially if you are looking for help or an answer to a question.

User PM (Private Messenger) for Messages Directed at Specific People

This is somewhat subjective. If the exchange between two members in a forum is getting too private and possibly of minimal interest to the rest of the users, kindly take it offline to the Private Message feature in the forums, or to e-mail. Use your own discretion.

Don’t be selfish!

Reach out and answer someone else's questions when you can!

Your cooperation and adherence to these guidelines is greatly appreciated. Doing so will ensure that the forum is conducive for sharing opinions and information.

Any member who fails to comply with the forum rules and regulations will have his or her post deleted/edited by the moderator team and/or will receive a warning. BrightSparks reserves the right to moderate our forum and to ban any member from using the forum.

BrightSparks is not responsible for any messages posted. We do not vouch for or warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any message, and are not responsible for the contents of any message.

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