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Default Evaluate me! Applying for the US and very worried

Hello all!

I am in a mixed feelings and would hope that someone would give me some advice.

I am in the process of applying for the US universities as follows:
  1. Harvard
  2. Cornell
  3. Brown
  4. Columbia
  5. Stanford
  6. Carnegie MU
  7. NYU
  8. GeorgiaTech
  9. CalTech

While doing the practice test, I often got thrown onto the 1100-1200 range... Which is, honestly, out of those Universities reach.

But here's a background of me:
I was from EM3 Stream, went on to Normal Technical Stream and took my N level (Technical)...
Went on to ITE, represented ITE for IPv6 Competition and got into the finalist by self-learning mobile app development.
Went on to SP and graduated top in cohort and institutional level with 3.929 GPA. Was awarded:
  • Microsoft Award
  • IDA Gold Medal
  • Tay Eng Soon Gold Medal
  • ECA Gold with Honors
  • Diploma with Merit
As well as other hackathons and related competition awards.

I also run my own IT firm, that deals with event based IT solutions.
On top of that, I have also been a Tech Officer for a FinTech, IT Consultant and spearheaded their IT Dept, started a few other startups but failed....

Completed my NS too!

I was convinced by a friend that I should give US a shot... Hence, i went ahead and applied and will be sitting my SAT this Saturday. Hope things really goes well for me.....
*Cross my fingers*

With that shitty SAT score, but stellar Polytechnic scores. i applied as a freshman. Any idea what I should do, and how would i fare?

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