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Wink which RC should I choose?

Hi everyone I intend to apply for NUS RC. I'm an undergraduate freshman this year. I have no house in Singapore so the best option is to stay on-campus for 4 years of my studies in NUS.

I want to apply for either PGPR type A room or USP. However, PGPR may not offer me a stay in the second year while USP guarantees 4 years of stay. I would like to know 1)is it difficult to secure a second-year stay in PGPR? 2) Is the module offered by USP difficult (I scare it will affect my GPA). 3) any other college should I consider?

Thank you for all the replies in advance!!
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I think for PGP,you have to earn points to stay for subsequent yrs. If you don't have an accomodation in Sg,you will be automatically allocated more points for that. That is why a number of international students are still able to reside in hall,taking 1-2 CCAs and secure their stay for the rest of their academic life in NUS. And PGP generally has a lot of international students.

USP modules are difficult. They are more time-consuming than normal. It also doesn't help that USP attracts a strong pool of applicants,who compete with each other for a module grade. If you are really concerned about GPA,I suggest you don't apply USP. USP is a college that emphasizes on learning beyond grades,so if you get a bad grade,you are not expected to feel bad because you are supposed to prioritise learning over grades there.

Other RCs like Tembusu,RC4 and CAPT provide an automatic 2yr stay. For the 3rd yr,you might be required to take an additional module and contribute to college. For the 4th yr,you got to continue contributing to the college. Not so sure how the scheme works,since I am not interested in staying for the extra yrs in college.

I think you can try PGP and also the RCs I mentioned above.
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hostel, nus

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