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Default Mature Apllicant to UK Uni


1. I'm currently working full-time. I have intentions to further my studies abroad in 2014.

2. I have a business diploma (GPA 3.0) from a local polytechnic, i intend to complete a business (maybe economics) degree program in the UK (preferably London as i have relatives living there), am prepared to do full 3 years.

3. I will be applying for admission as a mature, international applicant (25 yrs old n abv). I do have some full-time work experience, and will be able to get strong recommendations from my current employers. will this be taken into consideration?

4. The admission route that i will be taking will deviate from the norm. Will anyone be able to provide some advice and rate my chances of successful admission?

5. I've looked through the UCAS website, there's a portion on personal statement. Could someone advise on this as well?

Any kind of help will be much appreciated! Thanks!
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Find time go visit the fair with your o level and poly transcripts, and talk to uni rep.
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As a mature applicant, there is considerably less emphasis and stringency about your academics.

For the top london unis like LSE, UCL, while you might not need an AAA for A's to get an offer, it is still pretty hard.

Instead of striking with those, i would recommend you to apply to oxbridge instead. Your chances are low, but oxbridge has colleges reserved for mature applicants (hail that) such that you might actually stand a higher chance there.

Of course, having a 3.0 GPA is pretty sucky to those Unis, you'll just to make sure the rest of your application eg, work exp, recommendation letters and personal statement stands out.

Personal statement wise, you cld go look to the student room forum to see some samples. BUT caveat here, those are mostly for normal students. For mature students you are given more latitude to state a stronger stance or explore a more exotic academic topic without coming off as pretentious.

All the best.
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On Ucas mature applicant gives me the impression if one that didn't go thru traditional edu path but has Certs to show and solid working experience.

For those that does ITE only PSLE, went army and sign 2 terms did part time Dip has GPA of 3 still gets a shot with top uni? Even not ITE but O level sign army doing part time dip, I doubt the experience there mean much to these top uni. For ppl that have gone thru actual war that means something. Even not army, what kind of work experience matter. Ppl with 10 yr of experience as printer repairman or sales assistant may not carry much weight with these top uni. Without knowing TS background hard to say.

No offense GPA of 3 is sucky to avg uni like Manchester/Nottingham for dip applicant. Uni of Mel will not even entertain ppl with GPA lesser than a 3.2, if Oxbridge is a class higher than Mel I will expect that.

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