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Default Bearing and the application of the machine tool needs

In the use of rolling bearing machine for the following three main parts: shaft, bars, ChuanDongZhou silk ball in general.
PeiTaoJian axis direction, as the foundation of grinding performance directly affects the rotation speed of the machine tool, precision, performance of rigid, noise, vibration cutting chatter, focus, hot, etc., which may effect the precision of deformation and surface quality of machining parts, etc.

therefore, have PeiYong high-performance direction of high performance.
Total rolling direction accurately, computer, P2 P0 5 and 5 lines, precision and accuracy of the direction of the p axis machine tool should be 5 or more, and the digital control machine of high speed machining center, has a high precision spindle, your boss support to choose the direction of P4.
Direction of machine tool spindle and often include SKF Bearings and the ball, guiding significance to the two Angle, roller bearing, thrust ball bearing, roller bearing, thrust bearing and the structure type of 6.
With the rapid development of numerical control technology, intelligent compound, high speed, accuracy, and environmental protection, "has become the main trend of today's industrial technology development grinding. Among them, the efficiency of high-speed machine tools, machining processing cycle can be reduced effectively. This requires related parts grinding, adapt to the demand of high-speed shaft processing. At present, the existing CNC in axis direction has nothing to do with the ball, cylindrical, two-way thrust angular contact bearing roller bearing, ball and roller bearing of the four types of structure.

GaoSuHua and development of CNC machine tool spindle means (Si3N4 engineering ceramic material density is small, ceramic) RePengZhang high elasticity coefficient is small, module, wear-resisting, high temperature resistance, good corrosion resistance, become the ideal material. Increasingly wide range of ceramic materials, ceramic direction due to the implementation difficulties, JiaGongXing TaoJuan ceramic roller is more related to domestic and foreign ceramic manufacturing GeGang still by the hybrid ceramic ball bearing.
Screw ball, vice President of the spread of accurate, efficient, sensitive, in addition to the parts should be, nuts and ball screw with high precision, besides the choice should pay attention to the shaft rigidity is high, the friction torque is small, high precision bearing. Ball screw in the last two commonly used support and contact ball, guide and thrust needle combination bearings, roller bearings, deep groove ball bearings, thrust ball and direction. Currently, support for screw 60 angular contact thrust ball is to break up the ball, and guide its hierarchical structure and precision, and also for management for senior P4.
Machine's overall ChuanDongZhou retain their positions, and the same as the normal volume selection of mechanical transmission, just in order to meet the practical significance of the strength and life, more is not speed, according to the direction of the speed limit.

Under normal circumstances, we have already mentioned, that is, grinding, guidance and orientation of leadscrew grinding ball bearing and guide, which have the boss and the accuracy of the P5 P5 in screw axis direction and guidance.
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