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Default The stability of the bearing lubrication

Main reason is because of the poor lubrication bearing, may be due to not use normal grease or oil, are too much and too little is not correct. Here, I think everyone wants to know this kind of decision, the first thing to research and oil lubrication bearing lubrication method selection and dosage, and repair the bearing selection. Bearing box and test accuracy, if so, let the experts operation follow you learn better! Unreasonable structure, data quality is poor, low productivity, appearance defects, shock, vibration, improper installation and smooth, may be due to poor education end bearing. However, in some cases, or just use bearing basic material (work), only by establishing a user has completely damaged, missing, appearance form the bearing early to work.

Bearings, bearing lubrication in use process, especially for points with lubricant consumption. Is to be able to use force to fight, to query all lubrication bearing lubrication condition 2 rs - 6316 movement to the stability of lubrication. SKF 6204 Bearing Inner Diameter grease filling in movement, follow the change, the bearing can be divided into two stages.
Lubricated bearing formation differences form major differences inevitably forming circuit, sample, basically by the project is very short, in the low temperature LiJiu bearing and smooth, this is fantasy, so more lubricating grease in the ditch for special main sex.
Value in popularity over the bearing lubrication, filling, forever beyond, lubrication bearing directly involved in the practice demand and feed shield cavity and fear scroll county circuit simulation. This process, because of the extra lubricant, bearing resistance temperature rising fast. Although most of the excess grease, but unfortunately is fake grass application lubrication may also be converted to paths between the roller and immigration.
At this stage, most of the bearing grease quickly dementia (less than a minute) by extrusion, accumulate in the racecourse lubricated bearing in migration into body, cycle began again found a small amount of graduation. Still continue to rise, until the redundancy bearing lubrication is completely drained away called lubrication bearing lubrication on the phase structure, ZouGe filling quality, quantity and so on elements, during this period, can last for hours, ten minutes.

After graduating from the rest of the lubrication is complete left a small amount of lubrication, racetrack, against other contact roller planar formation of thin film lubrication wedge thin film, and the normal phase. When temperatures are lower and profit equilibrium.

Therefore this paper draw the conclusion: if with LiJiu grease lubrication film layer 1 for yourself. In addition, the work process, the rolling element and LiJiu racecourse near contour and confrontation, the shelf lubricating base oil, part of lubricating contraction flow path, after some complement between etching.
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