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Default Take A levels Privately or continue in SIM?

Hello all, I'm a male who just turned 18 this year, and I'm currently studying a diploma in Management Studies at SIM. A little more background about this program, is that while the diploma honestly can't do much, the main reason this program drew me in initially is cause it ties directly into the degree programs that SIM GE offers, such as those offered by UOL, RMIT etc. I started school a while ago and honestly I feel that this program isn't right for me. I feel as though this is a common case of choosing the wrong pathway and regretting it later on. I can't seem to enjoy myself the slightest each time I go to school, as I unfortunately have no interest in the subjects they teach >.<
I feel like dropping out of this course and enrolling in a school that offers private A levels, such as MDIS. While I understand A's to be hard enough, let alone to be done without doing it before and in a shorter time span, I really feel as though that would be the right pathway for me to stick to now. I am aware of the struggles ahead should I stick to this path, and I luckily have family members as well as friends who have backgrounds in doing A's to help me along this journey. I am looking to have a tutor assist me as well should I take A's.
Any advice on what I should do would be greatly appreciated, as I am really stuck in between staying at sim and tahaning until I get my degree, or taking a big gamble and do the A's course.
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