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Default Regarding career as a pilot -RSAF

hi, any pilots here? or even better, any pilots in rsaf on the LSA-pilot scholarship here?

how is the pay for pilots like? which is better? commercial or military?

it says here in this site ->

that pay's around 2k-8k for a starting pilot. but its kinda vague. what happens as you get older? around what age would you be let go?

replies would be very much appreciated!
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for a lvl holders,
the starting pay is less than 2k. (diplomas holders enjoy a slightly higher pay)

ur 1st oversea trip shld be to perth, then u can expect ur pay + allowance to over 2k i guess. *note that let say if 20 ppl go for training, maybe only 5 or so remain at the end of it.

i am lazy to elaborate too much, but while u are a trainee, dont expect ur pay to cross over 3k. only until u have gotten ur license and high rank, ur pay jumps.
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yep. pilot basic pay not exactly that high. its the air time that makes up most of the pay. if u wanna take LSA for pilot. u'll need to get ur wings first, then attain CAT B pilot status before RSAF decides whether to send u for studies. that should be around at least half way thru ur 10yr bond with RSAF.

whether u earn more as commercial or military reli depends on how much fly. military u get all the free public services and health care but less freedom. and life quite sian one. commercial u get to enjoy all the stewardess and freedom.

u'll be allow to choose ur future after ur 10yrs bond. however, i heard from some pilots that there is a window for some military pilots to cross over to SIA halfway during their bond.

one thing to note. if u end up as a heli pilot, all the hours u clocked as a heli pilot will not count towards ur flight hours experience when u convert to commercial. transport will be a one to one conversion. and fighter will be at a discount. however, its the fighter pilots thats get the zoe tay. its a cost benefit analysis.
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