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Originally Posted by koo86 View Post
Hey would like to know whether it is possible to go into IB with a bachelor of ISM major in Finance ?
No. ISM is too back office. Dershing's IT grad means respectable Computer Science grads from MIT, etc.
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Originally Posted by BrightSparksAdmin View Post
Administrative Services
Elite wing of the Singapore civil service. Admin service personnel have their salaries pegged to the top tier of private sector professionals and are compensated well to keep them within the government. The idea is to groom potential top civil service management and if the inclination permits, groom politicians.
Hi, does anyone know what kind of jobs / carreer prospects are present for those in the admin service? Formulating policies? Analysing reports?? [just wild-guessing]
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Admins Serivce folks are top-tier civil servants, so yes they do policy planning, they write white papers articulating key issues on things such as, say, healthcare for the elderly. They also represent Singapore on delegations to other countries. Pretty high-level stuff, and pretty demanding. You have to be in command of the facts constantly, otherwise you risk making an embarrassing gaffe.

You can hear this straight from the horses' mouth here. It's a video on the MAP/AS.
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Default Great

By becoming knowledgeable about these different kinds of career, one would be able to ascertain which is the right career for them.
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I guess you're right. Well, the pay really matches the amount of effort you put in.I know that some investment bankers earn $25k a month at 30 years old - and that's not even including bonuses!

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