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Default UK Universities Rankings

I was just wondering... when selecting a University, would their rankings matter? Top 10, Top 20, Top 50... does it make a difference? Should University ranking be a criteria when selecting a course to study in?
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Yes, you should check ranking before taking admissions in any medical college or university because ranking matters a lots university get good ranks if students studies their like it in terms of education ,facilities etc.

For more information Visit:
American Global University School of Medicine - AGUSM
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Ask yourself is that the only criteria of selecting uni?
Are u understanding the ranking methodology to use the data effective as a guide?
So many rankings out there, how are you using them?
Top 10 vs 50 does it make a diff, diff in what? In gaining employment and career path? Or diff in difficulty of study?
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There are many indicators used in rankings, and you should identify which ranking system uses the indicators which will suit you, as a student.

Industrial income, for example, measures how much income the department is generating by taking on projects done with the industry. While there is loose correlation between larger / healthier / more reputed departments and higher research incomes, it does not directly reflect anything on the quality of teaching. However, if you're interested in doing a good final year project, or having undergraduate research opportunities, this may be a meaningful metric for you to consider.

International diversity are also often used in university rankings. The idea is that the more internationally diverse the university is, especially in staff, the more 'mixing' of good ideas from researchers from different countries there is. However, universities like NUS do take this ranking metric to an extreme level by having a significant amount of foreign staff from only a select couple of other Asian countries, which means that a simple quantification of such a complex metric is probably meaningless. If it contributes to the overall rankings of a university, it may even inflate the perceived performance of the university.

University reputation is always instinctively shot down by semi-enlightened university-applicants / counsellors who are more interested in the potential for personal development in the university experience, instead of viewing it as a stepping stone to employment. However, reputation does help, as employers have limited resources available for outreach and tend to only focus on target universities. For example: . If you're more interested in post-university employment, then having a well-known university does open certain doors, especially in extremely brand-conscious employers (typically service-oriented industries, like banking and consultancies).

tldr: Take overall rankings with a pinch of salt. Identify scoring components which matter to you, and then evaluate universities from there. Times Higher Education is pretty fair for its overall rankings but a little too broad/vague, QS is so obscenely UK-biased that it's not even worth reading, but does have a very technical breakdown of rankings for each subject group, and Shanghai Jiaotong has a heavy bias towards published research, especially in the sciences.
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There are many universities that isn't even ranked. SMU isn't even in the rankings but it is still a good business sch in sg. So I wldn't look too much into rankings. When choosing a degree, I think what matters most is whether the degree suits me or not. I feel that kingston suits me cause it is a short program and it is mainly coursework. the degree is also flexible and that's what i like about it. working full time is already tiring enough. I dont need a degree that is exam based long and draggy
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