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Post Lse

I am interested in SIM-UOL, especially the LSE.

My grades are CDD/D, do i stand a chance in those hot courses such as banking and finance / accountancy of finance?
Cost of the courses is not of an importance.

Thank you.
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SIM-UOL change system leh..
LSE is issuing their own diploma.
I heard on ext UOL program there will be no distinction between Ext and Internal students. not sure if there will be LSE title on the new Diploma.
better do more research.

Since U from HK, why not follow many HK ppl footsteps, go do CC in US/Canada then to Uni. Canada is cheaper than states.
CC starts at CND$10K, US same deal but in USD.
decent Bschool like in York/Mcgill also not too expensive. of course Uni like UWO is expensive! but cost of living is low at CND$500 a mth.

I think USEIC have a transfer program where U can do your Assoc locally for just SGD$20K.
plenty of savings, U can transfer to anywhere in US/Canada to complete your degree.

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