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Default UK or USA or Australia for studying?

Each location has its pros and cons. UK has a more similar system to Singapore and has a long tradition for our scholars to go over there. USA is well known for the flexibility of its education system and is seeing increasing interest from students. This is especially relevant since most Fortune 500 firms are American.

Australia is also a frequently cited choice though less scholars choose to go there. But it does offer an overseas education experience in a very different environment. And it costs less to study there too.
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Default Any specialties

Hi I would like to know if these 3 countries are reputed for any particular course of study. For e.g. I've always heard people commenting that Australia is a good choice to pursue Pyschology. In some cases Singapore may even be the best place depending on the choice of study. Please reply asap!

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i think to try to make a link between where to study and how good the course is way too much of a stretch. Individual universties and faculties are probably what you need to research. The location is more of a general backdrop to your experience. My personal take : (i studied in US for 3 years midwest, doing EEE).

1) I would say go to the USA to study Business or Engineering. Why Business? Because most of the top 500 firms in the world are from USA and US firms have shaped much of today's business thinking and theories.

Why Engineering? Because american firms are still the largest patent owners in the world with the strongest investment in R&D across many fields. Internet started in USA, Facebook, Google etc.

2) I know many friends who go UK to study PPE or Economics. I think UK has a strong tradition of that. They work in govt, private equity, banking and all do pretty well. Why UK for finance? Because the City is a huge centre of finance in the world.

3) As for Australia, do not know enough to comment. But i do know that Sydney and Melbourne are excellent universities with good reputation worldwide too.

Actually decide based on the university not country. The country is the background to your uni experience. It will influence not what you study but what you do on weekends, how you spend your holidays, what kind of accent you need to have to communicate, etc. Hope this helps!
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australia university education is over-rated these days. their standard dropped many years ago; so... it is right to say that the local university are infact a better choice (besides, you don't get issues with racism). however, if a course is not offered in singapore, then you have to do your homework and check the international standing of the course you want to do... and if it is a professional doctorate degree, then check international registration details and status of recognition for work/professional membership procedure before jumping into something just because one "hear-say".

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with many Oz Uni lowering admission requirement for Diploma holders (back in mid 1990s going to UofMel or USDY for Diploma holders would mean getting a B+ avg. now in mid 2000s, its more like GPA 2.8-3.3).
Its a very attractive to Poly grads.
Oz had educated some 100K Singaporean in the past yr.

Education ahead of tourism in export revenue,00.html
February 05, 2008

EDUCATION has replaced tourism as Australia's biggest services export and become the country's third top export overall, increasing by 21 per cent in 2007 to $12.5 billion.
Figures released from the Australian Bureau of Statistics today show that revenue generated by foreign students in this country overtook tourism and was just behind coal, which generated $20.8 billion, and iron ore, worth $16 billion.

“Education is a bigger drawcard for visitors to Australia than Uluru, the Great Barrier Reef and all other tourist attractions put together,” said Tony Pollock, chief executive of IDP Education, an agency part-owned by 38 universities that brings in 20 per cent of all international students to Australia.

“Nearly half a million people are living in Australia who would not be here if we stopped educating international students.”
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