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Default Want to take A levels as a private candidate?

Thinking of taking A levels as private candidate? Not sure if it is the right decision? Unsure of the future and need some guidance? Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jay and I’ve taken as a private candidate. I am currently a uni undergrad but I wont reveal which school due to certain reasons. What I am offering is my experience and I have been in your position once so I know how it feels to be rejected by unis while seeing most of your friends getting into the course they wanted(or maybe not). The path that you are going through is tough but trust me, you are already ahead of your peers. As someone who has been through failure, you have gained a valuable life experience and it will only serve you well in life. At this point of time, if you are thinking that retaking is a waste of time and want to move on in life, you may be right. However, I want to help those who want to change their lives and have a second shot in life. Give yourself a chance to do what you really want and don’t ever be in a position where you settle for less.
I am offering this programme where I will personally guide you through from the first day till the end of your exams. As for studies-wise, I will help you get all the resources you need. (Personally, I feel that tuition is a waste of time and money. You do not need tuition but you do need consistency.) You will use all the skills and techniques that I have used before but through my experience, you will be able to avoid my mistakes and achieve better results. However, it does not stop there. After the exams, I will teach you basic investing techniques and money-management skills but I leave it to be optional for you. After you get your results, I will help with your essay writing skills to score an interview and if you do have an interview, I will advise on the do’s and don’t’s during an interview (eg.clothes to wear,what to say etc.). Through this programme, I will also present opportunities pertaining to your interests so as to outline your future path. My main aim of this programme is to help you find the right path and not the simplest path to get into a uni. I do not guarantee you will see results but you can be sure that your chances of achieving your goal is higher. Regarding the charges for this programme, don’t worry because it is absolutely FREE. If you are really serious about taking as private candidate and need help, email me at this address ([email protected]). Finally, thank you for taking the time to read this long message and hope all of us can get out of this rat race as soon as possible.
At the end of this message, I think that most of you may have 1 main question in mind and let me guess the question is “Why should we listen to you and sign for this programme?” I can confidently say that I am the best person you can seek advice from currently but I am definitely not the only one out there. If you are still not convinced, I would like to end off with this simple story. “Imagine there’s 2 guys who has been through as private candidates and both made it to the same course(assuming the course is quite prestigious) but the difference is that 1 guy scored 80/90 but the other guy only scored 65/90”. The question I pose to you is “who will you be more interested in?” If your answer is the latter, I welcome you to my programme.
PS:If you have any queries,pls email me at this address([email protected]) and i will reply shortly.

Even if you are not interested in the programme or just want some advice regarding anything that i have mentioned above,do drop me an email and i'll see how i can assist you.

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Hello! I'm interested! I alr sent you an email. Hope to hear your reply soon. (:
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a levels, retake

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