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Default NUS bizad or NTU biz?

Hi guys, need some help with comparison of these two biz schs, i got offers from both UNIs and in a dilemma on which to choose. i know that stuff like tuition fees are similar for both, im fine with either 3 or 4 yrs.

I have some qs that may require the help of seniors from either schs with frens in the other so as to be able to do a comparison.

With regards to mods, are they similar for nus and ntu? i am thinking of specialising in finance cos i studied B&F in SP. I heard for NUS, u can choose to replace honours dissertation with 3 mods of electives so that makes for about 9 specialisation electives; while in ntu i can do up to 7 specialisation electives. so does this make a diff or impact?

i want to do 2nd specialisation and also learn languages, but both takes up UE so i want to know will i be able to do both? Also NUS has no cap requirement but ntu is based on results right?

how about the class size for tut and seminars?

lastly which biz sch do ur think has a more opportunities to go on overseas ex and study missions etc?

Thanks a lot in advance guys! been thinking about these since i received my offers, would appreciate the help!
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for reference, replies here -
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