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Default A level results 2017- where to go from here?

Hi, I recently received my A level results and I got AAB for math, Bio and chem respectively, econs D, gp D, PW A and HCL A. May I know what are the possible courses I can apply for in uni? I'm considering Accountancy, pharmacy, life sciences and social sciences, so what are the chances of being accepted for each?

Based on the IGP shown, they don't seem to accept any students with D, but it so happens that my Ds are the humanities. Will the Ds really affect my applications, or will they mainly look at the best 3 h2 subjects?

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You have gotten 80 rank points,so let's see if you can get into your choices.

Pharmacy-87.5(86.625 might have chance at first choice)

Just don't apply,too far off.

life sciences NUS-77.5
life sciences NTU-75

Just apply,you can get in,even with 3rd/4th choice.

FASS NUS-78.75
social science SMU-73.75

For FASS,you got to put 1st choice. For SMU,can just apply,you will likely get in.

Accountancy NTU-81.25
Accountancy NUS-87.5

For NTU,you can just apply and you will most likely get a DA interview,if you put 1st choice.As for NUS,it's too high.

Your options:Accountancy NTU(likely to require interview),FASS+SMU social science,NTU/NUS bio

Usually,they look at best 3h2.Ds will come to play and surface if you are likely to apply without meeting the bare minimum threshold such as NTU accountancy for e.g.
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a levels 2017

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