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AvlynCriss is right: know your own application inside out, because this is all they know about you. Try this exercise (perhaps with a friend/teacher/relative who knows you well): If a total stranger read your entire application, what would he think of you? What questions would he want to ask you?

I find spending some time preparing and reflecting on my life and current affairs helps me think on my feet better. Having already chewed the cud on those issues, I can better frame an original response when asked about [whatever].

(This thread isn't for Final Round PSC interviews, so I took the liberty of starting a new thread just for that.)
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The psychological interview and the assessments made by the psychologist may not be used to "fail" you. But the weaknesses that the psychologists noted are likely to be probed further at the board interview later. Eventually if a person is not selected, although it won't be because of the psyc interview, it may well have its origins in how you performed during that interview.
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