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Talking WTS: Top JC GP Content/Skills, Chem, Phy, Math Notes (HCJC, RJC, VJC, DHS etc)

WTS: Top JC GP Content/Skills, Econs, Chem, Phy, Math Notes (HCJC, RJC, VJC etc)

Contact [email protected]

Hi I'm a former RJC student, clearing my super useful notes because I'm saying bye to JC for good. You can meet me to collect the notes but my schedule is really tight so if we can't arrange a good time, I could always mail it to you via postage for an additional $1-$2.


1) Broader Perspectives
- 2011: 1
- 2012: 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8
- 2013: 1(x2), 2

2) GP Notes (see below)

If you're looking to build a strong foundation and pick up key arguments and strong examples from common topics, these notes will definitely help you in your exams. They helped me clinch my A.

**2a) GP Content notes - $45 for the following (almost 300 pages) (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)**

1. Content knowledge
- 13 topics
- Strong arguments and topic sentences supported by relevent examples
- Summarised from model essays and reading materials (ie. KS Bull, TJC Words, VJC Kaleidoscope, HCI Bulletin), newspapers, magazines (ie. Time, Reader's Digest, Broader Perspective, Present Perfect,), RJC and HCJC school lectures and notes
- Advice: Master at least 8 topics, absorb content knowledge, know specifically what examples to use for which topic, ace your essays.

2. Essay outlines
- 20 topics
- Essay and argument structure to common recurring questions
- Goes beyond the PEST model
- Advice: Master strong arguments to common essay questions so you can reuse them, follow these structures to be organised when writing.

3. Local news articles
- Relevant and important Singapore current affairs on key topics
- Compiled from 2 years of newspaper articles
- Each page contains discussion questions and recurring AQ questions
- Advice: A great help for AQ questions especially on relevance to the country.

**2b) 2013/2014 Top JC GP Skills notes - $38 (almost 160 pages) (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)**

1. Paper 1: Essay Package
- Preparing for the essay
- Question analysis
- Essay structure (ie. PEST)
- Crafting arguments
- Sample essays and paragraphs
- Writing skills
- Editing
- Important vocabulary words

2. Paper 2: Comprehension and AQ Package
- Question and passage analysis
- Past year compre questions and practice
- How to tackle questions that require inference
- Guide to AQ (ie. preparing for AQ, time allocation, word limit, how AQs are graded)
- AQ format and structure
- Language skills
- How to pick good arguments and evaluate paragraphs
- Model AQ answers samples



1) A level TYS topical 2002-2010 - $3
2) Math Prelim Papers from 2007-2012 (PM me for which year you are interested in and I will let you know what sch papers there are)



1) Hwa Chong compilation booklet of past year examination questions (Chemical energetics, Inorganic chemistry, Ionic equilibrium, Electrochemistry, organic chemistry) - $12 for all (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
2) TYS classified by Topic (2002-2010)
3) TYS classified by Papers (2003-2012)
4) H2 Chemistry GCE A-Level Answer Key Worked solutions (2006-2010) - $5
5) Binded prelim papers from top JCs (from 2011-2012) - $8 each (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)



1) JCs Prelim Booklet 2010 (by papers w worked solutions) - $5 (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
4) JCs Prelim Booklet 2009 (by papers w worked solutions) - $5 (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
5) JCs Prelim Booklet 2007+2008 (by papers w worked solutions) - $5 (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
6) VJC JC2 CT papers 2007+2008 - $3
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