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Default Should I fly to Cambridge during National Service to interview for my second choice subject (Law)

I'm basically in a dilemma. I'm a Singaporean who applied to the UK for Law as Medicine there is too expensive. I currently have a place in SMU for Law. Next year I intend to apply for Medicine at NUS and NTU and that is my preferred course of study. This is obviously a pretty confusing situation but this is where I am at.

I actually really only want to study in Singapore now but there is this nagging in the back of my head that is telling me that I should at least try for Cambridge even though it is not for my first choice subject (i.e. medicine). What's holding me back now is a few things:
1) Getting leave in NS is complicated, especially overseas leave
2) Expensive to fly over
3) Low chance of admission
4) Mostly importantly: Not my first choice subject and I already have a place for Law in Singapore so if I can't study Medicine no point wasting all the money to attend Cambridge (if I somehow get in) for my second choice subject?

Any advice please, kind of distressed.
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Go with smu law,you can stay in Singapore.Also,you can save the hassle of worrying about going overseas during Ns.

Go for medicine if you can,we need more doctors in ageing population.
--fellow aspiring med student
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I think you should ask yourself, what's the most important thing to you. And what's the possibility for you to be accepted by Cambridge. You have to choose according to your heart, or you'll regret in the future.
No pains, no gains.
-Bacterial system
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